To accelerate 5G technology, the customers needed a suitable solution to perform field testing. The solution is expected to host all customer measurement equipment including but not limited to 5G UE emulators, tracing equipment, EPC emulators, RF measurement equipment. The solution should provide the best working environment for R&D engineers from the infra, chipset, smartphone maker and wireless carriers.


F2G Solutions designed the mobile test solution type 2 that can support such test to be done in real environment everywhere. The solution features a very advanced and futurist design and was used in several high visibility first 5G calls and major demo and marketing events.

The MTS is built on the Ford T250 high roof platform, it features two 50 inch curved 4K TV, a server rack and 7kW generator that runs of the vehicle fuel tank.  The MTS can host 5-7 engineers to work comfortably 24/7.


Customers are now able to test conditions in a real environment — everywhere.