Ericsson’s category manager, Rudy Sookdeo, met with Francis Kamgang from F2G Solutions at Ericsson’s Diversity Matchmaker event in 2017. F2G stood out with their unique offering for 5G vans ready to deploy for our upcoming trials. F2G was not focused on traditional drive testing like so many other third party suppliers, but they had the strategic vision to see Ericsson’s upcoming demand for 5G testing, which would require a totally different configuration of vans (70ft antenna mast, 7kw generator, 50’ 4k curved TV’s, space for 6 engineers, ethernet cabling, UE board support and even a coffee maker). F2G’s investment in Type 1 and 2 vans showed they were willing to take a risk and partner with Ericsson and its customers (build it and they will come attitude).


F2G saw a unique opportunity and was able to present their value proposition to Ericsson at the Ericsson  Diversity Matchmaker event. The matchmaking process really worked and created a perfect match for sure!